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About Me

Hope you enjoy the weblog.
(I update as much as possible :)
ok so the above line is a lie...but really, I'm gonna add stuff soon.

Wow, a little gap in blogs here.  :)  I'll have email everyone to remind you that I still have a website.  lol
Well, I'm two months away from leaving for school so I'm pretty excited about that.  Things are going well with the job.  I was going to take summer classes but they were cancelled.  So I'm pretty much just working. 
Once again, I have gotten busy and neglected the webpage.  Not much is new for me.  I got all my housing stuff for school in the fall taken care of.  I got a parking permit so that means I get to take my car.  I don't think I'll be using it a whole lot but it'll be nice to have it there.  I've gone surfing a couple times in the past couple weeks.  I was going to go today but it was kind of cloudy so I think I'll go tomorrow.  I got a wetsuit so I'm nice and warm out there, but I'm going to have a really bad tanline on my arm.  :)
It's amazing how busy one can get when school starts.  Seriously, I'm not overwhelmed or anything it's just that three weeks have flown by as though it were just a couple of days.  Other than school, not a whole lot has been happening.  I must say that it is nice to have class three days a week from 7-12.  It seems like I would have oodles of free time but it hasn't really turned out that way.  It's raining around here today.  Apparently it'll keep up through the weekend maybe.  It makes for a nice change--it doesn't feel right to have had all that 70 degree weather in January.   :)
I bought my textbooks today.  For my literature class we have to buy a boxed set called something like the Anthology of World Literature.  What is that?!?!  It's not a textbok, it's a boxed set.  Naturally, the bookstore had to be out of one book I needed too.  Oh well, hopefully I will at least be able to sell these back.  Oh yeah, I saw the new movie Just Married and it's not as funny as the previews make it look.  Pretty much all the funny stuff is in the previews so just watch them.
We are officially well into the year 2003 now.  I start college in about a week and a half.  I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully none of my classes have lots of homework or anything cuz I would like to get ahead and finish early with my homeschooling.  Nothing much exciting has happened this week.  On Wednesday I went shopping with Lily.  We were looking for Weezer stickers so I could put one on my car.  All they had were patches so I'll check back later.  I did get  a Georgia O'keefe calender, but that's all.
It's the last day of 2002.  I haven't made any resolutions or anything crazy like that.  I turned 18 two days ago and I think I feel old now.  In a good way, but I'm a legal adult.  It's pretty scary really.  I got some lotto tickets (the scratcher ones) yesterday and guess what I won?  Two more tickets.  Wow.  I thought I had won like tickets to some concert or sporting event, but no.  Oh well.  :)  Hope everyone has a great New Year!
12/26/02--oops :)
I forgot to mention that I got into college!!  Woohoo!!  I got the letter last Saturday, my Mom said she was going to hide the letter and give it to me for Christmas but luckily I got to it first!
Wow, Christmas came and went fast!  I got some great gifts.  Now it's the brief wait until my birthday and New Years.  We forgot to get our cats anything for Christmas and I think they were a little depressed about that.  Boo watched us open ours and he seemed envious. :)  Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Well, what can I say?  I thought I was going to be less busy and yet here I am, two months later, updating my website.  I spent the past two days at Disneyland--actually one at California Adventure and one at Disneyland.  It's been a couple of years since I was there and I had never been to California Adventure before so that was fun.  I like the rollercoaster at California and I even got my mom to go on it--twice!!  Yay!  It's almost Christmas break at college so I guess I can get ahead on my homechooling then.  I'm gonna be fulltime at college next semester so I'm preparing for that.  Speaking of college, I think I have some homework to do...
OK, OK, OK, so it's been about a year and a half since I updated my website.  :)  Sorry, I got busy.  Mostly, I've been going to school and working.  Which is funny cuz now I don't really go to school at all and hopefully I'll be working less than I have been.  So now I will have time to maintain weird things like this website. lol
Well, I'm homeschooling now.  I'm going to college classes now too but only two.  I guess that's about it but I'm gonna e updating stuff all week so I can try and catch you up with whats been happening with me.
I went to the Zoo today!!  It was a lot of fun.  I went with two of my best buds: Desi and Lily.  My legs are a lil bit tired now but it was fun wandering around and seeing all the animals.  Too bad the panda is leaving, it's cute and I especially like the meerkats too.
Cold Stone after the zoo was really good.  We were pretty tired and I needed the sugar.  :)
Today was awesome!!!  I learned how to surf.  I'm not too good yet, but I rode about five waves all the way into the shore.  A lot of the other times I had to jump off so that I wouldn't ride right into some little kid.
Now I'm starting to look for a board and maybe a wetsuit.  I'll probably have to wait until Christmas, but trust me, surfing is REALLY fun.  It's like boogie boarding times ten!
Well, I spent most of my day at the beach so that's about it.

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